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It started off rocky because he made her a “Donkey of the Day” in February 2016 after she went after Beyonce.

But then they debated on her network and they continued communicating over email.

I’m talking, of course, about those things we all want and need to feel – like wanting to feel loved and appreciated, feeling respected, being desired, feeling free to be honest, and generally feeling like someone “gets you” and loves you no matter what.

and she had ZERO confidence in knowing what to do about it and that things would work out.

While she refused to answer that, she did say she wouldn’t “rule out” dating a black guy.

Charlamagne claimed to TMZ that she was going to be on The Breakfast Club, but pulled out of the interview at the last moment.

Here’s a look at her relationship with her former boyfriend and current relationship status.

Lahren was once linked to former The Bachelorette contestant Chase Mc Nary. I mean, traveling a lot, obviously a lot of attention.

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